Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Teacher's Confession - 1

It's not the first time that I caught him glancing at me. But I never really put malice into it. Besides, I heard that he has a girlfriend and I don't think he had preference for older women. I'm almost six years older…although he looked mature and I don't think it would be obvious just in case we get into a relationship...well, without me realizing, that soon became my wishful thinking…but which I would often dismiss in embarrassment. But one time, I saw him glancing again and he winked at me. I felt that I blushed. I prayed that he did not notice.
But I think he did because he smiled a naughty smile and winked again. My suspicion was confirmed when he approached me after the class and offered to carry my things. I refused saying that I could do it. But he insisted and took my things and as he did his hands touched mine - I think he deliberately did it because he winked again and teased me "Ma'am, you blushed earlier when I winked at you." He said it with such a naughty smile - that sort of like teasing and meaning more than it. I did not answer. I walked faster but he soon caught on me and asked if he said anything wrong. I just shook my head.
"Wow, it's true what they say," he said. "You are super suplada and evasive,' he said with all seriousness but to which he added, "The more that I am challenged. I like it." Then he winked again and partly opened his lips and playfully licked his lips. I must admit I was enraged at his comment but I found his lip-licking really sexy. I felt something touched me. I couldn't explain.
When he gave back my books, he again intentionally touched my hand and this time he actually caressed it. I wanted to push him or scold him but I was frozen...yet, I started to feel something being awakened in me.
I turned back and hurried inside the faculty room. I wanted to look back but I didn't want him to see I was affected.
That afternoon, I saw a small note tucked in my time card. I don't know but I had this feeling (or wishful thinking) that it was from him. I took a deep breath before I read it. “Ma'am, I'll be waiting outside the gate. See you. XAU369 Black Honda City.”
I did not want to go out but I soon found myself walking fast out the campus. I didn't bring my car today because I was lazy to drive. How did he know? Could he really been stalking on me?
I decided to walk past his car when I saw it but I felt a hand held my arm. "Ma'am, please, may I drive you home?" I said it's not allowed and I prefer to walk. He wasn't letting go of my arm and to avoid a scene, I hopped in his car.
Maybe I looked tensed so he appeased me by saying that his car is heavily tinted and that no one can see us. He handed me a stargazer as he again winked his naughty wink. "For you, milady," he said. I was speechless. Why was he so bold? What gave all that confidence?
I didn't notice he was already driving and that we were already about 200 meters away from school. I asked where we were going but he just laughed. I again asked. "Ma'am, don't worry, I'll bring you home safe. And he held my hand."
I couldn't move. I think I stopped breathing. No man has ever held my hand before and here is this bold - so daring a student holding it.
It was like that for a couple of minute I think. When I got back to my senses, I tried to free my hand, but he won't let go. I told him to focus on his driving, to which he replied "Ma'am, naka-stop tayo." This time, without any warning, he kissed my hand - but it wasn't just a simple kiss.
He started caressing it with a kiss. I must say, I felt some electricity running through me - something I never felt before. Maybe this was I often hear people talk about. Was I aroused? He looked at me. He asked if we can have dinner first. I refused. I told him that I wanted to go home. I did not want anyone to see us.
"Okay, ma'am...I'll drive you straight home in one condition. I'll eat dinner in your house. I'm hungry na e," he naughtily smiled. Never did I imagine that "hungry" meant something else, something more, something sweet and hot - eventually.
When we got home, I told him to just park outside the apartment because my car was inside. I went into the gate first. He followed. When I was opening the door he asked if I had any companion. I shook my head and he smiled.
I told him to sit on the couch and watch TV or work on his assignment. I told him that I will just change my clothes. He asked if he can go with me to the room. I gave him a sharp look - well, that's what I thought. But maybe I smiled because he followed. I wanted to stop him but I found myself telling him to enter instead.
I went into the bathroom. I told him, it won't take long. I will just take a shower then cook dinner. I have removed my blouse when I noticed someone was behind me. He was there standing - smiling. I got embarrassed. But before I was able to say something, he was already taking out the hook of my bra - and then the zipper of my skirt. I just stood in front of him - just my black panty on me.
He came closer, took my hand and directed it in front of him. He motioned me to unzip his pants, which I did. He has already taken out his polo shirt. Before me was a man with his penis so hardened that it was coming out of his brief. I've never seen something like this before. I felt I was starting to get wet.
He started touching me...first he held my shoulders then started kissing my neck, then my cheeks, then my lips. I did not know what to do. I never kissed any man before. He tried to force his tongue through my mouth. "Ma'am, buksan mo bibig mo," he whispered. I wondered how he knew all these. I gave in...his tongue touched mine. I was jolted. My whole body was starting to respond, to get aroused. I don't know but I did not stop him. I returned his gesture. Our tongues played - it felt really good...
Then I felt his hand moving down inside my panty into my pussy - he inserted his finger between my legs as if trying to locate something....I think he found it...I couldn't stop uttering "Shit..." He circled his finger gently on my clit - yes, I think that's my clitoris. It felt really good.... he stopped kissing me...moved down and started licking my nipples - left and right. I started to moan...."Shit, ang sarap...." I think he liked what he heard because the more that he licked my nipples...he seemed so hungry.... then he held my hand and put it inside his brief..."Shit...ang tigas..I never imagined he had something this hard and big."
He removed my panty and he knelt before me and started kissing my tummy.."Wait, I need to wash.." I don't know why I said that. Was I expecting that he will also lick my pussy? He stopped. While I was washing, he removed his briefs and he also washed his... I saw how big his dick was. Secretly, I wanted to suck it, to lick it...just like what I saw once in the movie which my friends were watching.
I found myself kneeling in front of him, my hands started to caress his dick. He did not stop me. I looked up to him and he told me to continue... I started licking the was shiny and reddish. I heard him moan and I got inspired the more. I thought I was doing the right thing....I heard him say "Tang ina mo, ma'am. Marunong ka pala." I did not mind him. This time, his whole dick was already inside my mouth... I was licking and sucking it..and he continued to moan....
Then I heard him say, "Ma'am, let's go to your bed. 69 tayo." I asked what that is. He said, he will show me....He told me to lie and I saw him lie on the opposite direction...Then I understood...I will lick him and he will lick me...
He gently opened my legs. I was shy at first but he told me not to worry. For a while I think he stared at my pussy..."Putang ina mo, ma'am. Akin na puke mong inaasam ng marami." Then he started licking it. Now it was my time to moan even louder..", shit putang ina mo. How did you know all this?" "Why, ma'am? Ayaw mo ba?" "No... I mean, don't stop...ang sarap.....
Then he changed his position. This time, his face right on my legs wide open. "SHit, wala na akong itatago sa yo. Bukang buka ang puke ko sa harap mo. " He smiled and said "I can't believe it ma'am. Pumayag kang ibigay sa akin ito. Ang tagal tagal ko nang inaasam asam."
I told him that he's unstoppable.... and that I also actually secretly liked him.... He did not answer. Instead, he again started licking my pussy..."Shit, shit, shit...ang sarap talaga. I shouted."
He was not satisfied. As he licked my pussy, his hands started to touch my breasts, my nipples...Wow, I can't explain how heavenly it felt.... I did not want it to stop. And I regretted why it's happening only now....
Then I felt his other hand move down...the other continued to caress my boobs...and he continued eating my pussy..yes, eating it like one hungrily eats ice cream...and yes, my pussy was like an ice-cream because it was melting...felt like melting because of the liquid flowing...
Then I felt him insert something into my pussy..."Ouch, I cried.." He took it back. "Does it hurt, ma'am?" He lovingly asked. I said yes. "So you're a virgin?" he asked. I said "Of course, what do you think"?
"Oh wow...".he shouted....."So dapat pala titi ko ang ipasok ko."
I felt a certain fear but I wished he would really do it... I was super aroused and I was ready to surrender... He moved up and started kissing my nipples again then my lips..this time, I felt his dick directly on my pussy. He looked at me and whispered, "Ma'am, I love you. I really do and I wish to do it only with you." I was speechless... Then slowly, I felt him pressing his dick...."Ma'am, open your legs so you won;t be hurt as much." "How did you know all these? Have you done this before?" "No, ma'am. But I've watched it and have read a lot about it. I studied how so I can do it to you."
I opened my legs and slowly his dick entered me. "Ouch, I moaned." But he was so gentle that although it hurt, the heavenly sensation was overwhelming. HE started to push and first slowly..then it became faster... "Shit...ito na yun? I asked. "Yes, ma'am, we're now fucking. Kinakantot na kita. Iyot na tayo, ma'am."
I hugged him. My hands were trembling on his back... He pushed and pulled and pushed and pulled...while still kissing my nipples. "Shit....ang sarap pala ng iyot," I moaned to which he smiled and said "Yes, ang sarap. Ang sarap ng puke mo, ng bilat mo."
He told me to say nasty things. I asked what he meant. He told me to talk dirty. I said I did not know. "Putang ina mo, ma'am. Sabihin mo, masarap ang iyot. Sabihin mo, masarap ang titi ko, ang tarugo ko. Sabihin mo sarap na sarap ang puke mo."
"Yes, ang sarap. Shit di ko akalain ang laki pala ng titi matigas...ang sarap...sarap na sarap ang puke ko kahit masakit..nawawala ang sakit...sige, idiin mo pa, sige pa...wag mong itigil."
I think that aroused him some more because he became wilder and bolder. He fucked harder and harder....until I felt so different."Shit, magcome na yata ako...ahhhhh...shit, tang ina mo, ang sarap."
'Ayan na....sige, sige pa..." "Yes, Yes,...I'm coming, me too, ma'am. Puwedeng iputok sa loob ng puke mo?" I said, "Sige, ibuga mo. Diligan mo ang puke ko. Punuin mo ng katas ng pagkalalaki mo."
It felt mind went black...I felt my fingers etched on his back..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....we both shouted.... and hugged each other..with all the semen flowing between my legs.
We were in that position for about three minutes. We were both catching our breath...I know, deep within me...I love him and that he loves me too.


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